Bandname - Insert Hear (Cover Artwork)
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Insert Hear (2009)

Soft City

Bandname's moniker reminds me of the hysterical skit Patton Oswalt did on "Christmas Shoes", the song of which is by...NewSong. But these dudes do not play defanged CCM, thankfully. Rather, this playful demo provides slightly jangly, lo-fi garage pop of sorts with healthy punk, alt and noisier rock underpinnings.

The pop element seems vaguely Lemonheads-esque to me (notably on "Greener Grass"), while the scuzzy, distorted coating gives Insert Hear its overall rough flavor. But despite all that, there's an interesting musicality and restraint to what the band does, whether they're thinning out things for the solo in "Don?t Tell Me You Hate Me" or slowing it down for warmer, Dino Jr.-ish pastures for "Smile."

Pretty cool stuff.

Insert Hear EP