The Rebel Dead - The Rebel Dead (Cover Artwork)
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The Rebel Dead

The Rebel Dead (2008)


For the amount of classic rock the Rebel Dead claims as influence on their MySpace page, there's little semblance of any such traces in their rough-hewn street punk style. But with catchy sing-alongs, danceable rhythms and tight songwriting, there's nothing lacking in what the Rebel Dead does on their self-titled LP.

Granted, there are two songs whose tepid advancement could run parallel to some sheepish, tightly-pants'd arena rocker of yesteryear ("The Hard Times," and to a lesser extent "Long Island's Sinking"). But the majority of tunes here are far too lively and rowdy to be considered anything less than punk rock. Though rife with clichés, songs like "Three Sheets to the Wind," "Thicker Than Blood" and "Bottomed Out" are energetic and full, with walking basslines and "whoa"-ing backing vocals.

"Cheers, Fuck-Face!" spends the first two minutes sauntering in like Bob Dylan on his harmonica, before exploding into something more akin to the Pogues, while "Dancing with the Devil" jives in 12-bar-blues structure like Chuck Berry on a speed binge. The band is at their best despite the formulaic arrangement on the speedy and melodic "Carry On," which hears the band craft one of their most memorable choruses and a nice half-time bridge of sorts.

Regardless of where the Rebel Dead draws their inspiration, they've created a catchy, fun and enjoyable collection of tunes on their self-titled full-length.