MU330 - Live in Newcastle UK (Cover Artwork)


Live in Newcastle UK (2002)

live show

MU330 playing in a pub? For free? I thought they were supposed to be 'Legends of Ska-Punk' (according to some website). Not just any normal pub, of course, a 'Rock Bar' which recently has hosted gigs from Diamond Head and The Tygers of Pan Tang (m/).

So they're playing on a tiny pub on a tiny stage, only metres away from leather jacketed mullet-men. I stood at the 'front' and even managed to get hit in the head by Rob's trombone slider. When they first took the stage i had two questions:

1> There are five people in MU330. So how come only four on stage?

2> Where the hell is the audience (There were about thirty people in the pub, many not giving a monkey's who was playing)?

Well, all the punkrock kiddies were off seeing Fenix TX and the RX Bandits half a mile away in the University, first of all, and MU330 had an injury. Dan Potthast (singer/guitarist) nervously announced that the entire show was dedicated to trombone player Gerry Lundquist, who was in a hospital in Edinburgh. So no mad chasing the crowd with a chainsaw tonight then. I was worried about the entertainment value of the show for a split second, but then Dan was transformed into a ball of energy as the band started with the same 'WE'RE MU330!' intro as the live album, before going into a new song, 'Raw Fish'. My hopes of a food trilogy of 'Raw Fish', 'Hot Cheese' and 'Fried Chicken' were dashed when they launched into ROK. The band didn't take a break for about 15 minutes, when Dan stopped to talk to someone he knew in the crowd, also calling everyone else 'The best looking bunch this tour!'

Like we didn't know already.

At this point even the old metallers were being turned around, with one even joining our five person skank pit. The casual couple in their mid-fifties were whooping and cheering as loud as the kids who actually knew who MU330 were. It was great.They then played a load of old stuff, with Chris Diebold (Bass) dancing like a muppet during 'Stuff'. This was the only crazy display of enthusiasm I saw from the band with the exception of Dan. Maybe they missed Gerry. I assumed all of drummer Ted's powers were contained in his dreads, which had decided to give this show a miss.

They took a couple of requests, played 'Favorite Show' having been told to finish up by the pub boss - on Sundays here last orders is 10:30.

Everyone left with a smile on their face, but I was dismayed to find my Skankin' Pants (tm) had ripped under the pressure of about three shows without a wash. I got my usual sticker and badge for my guitar, but didn't bother with the new 'Queen Mum Up Yer Bum' T-shirt design.