Ghost Robot Ninja Bear - One Pedal to Another (Cover Artwork)
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Ghost Robot Ninja Bear

One Pedal to Another (2010)


It seems like just yesterday I was writing Nakatomi Plaza's obituary, and now frontman Oscar Albis Rodriguez is back with a pair of releases: Ludlow Lion's No Stories and single "One Pedal to Another" from Ghost Robot Ninja Bear. Both are/were digitally released for a donation-based price, although No Stories recently saw a physical release. And while Rodriquez is only the bass player for Ludlow Lions--frontman/guitarist Brendan Coon is the star here--my Plaza fandom maintains I celebrate Rodriguez at every turn.

So, uh, hey. I like your music.

But Ludlow Lions doesn't have much in common with Nakatomi Plaza. Grieving NP fans would be better off checking out Ghost Robot Ninja Bear's first single. There are plenty of similarities between the two groups--Rodriguez handles the mic with the same gruff delivery. He displays the kind of guitar pyrotechnics heard on Unsettled and Ghosts. Both bands have/had awesome names. But there are slight differences. For example, I'm pretty sure Ghost Robot Ninja Bear is not a Die Hard reference, but it's been a while since I've seen Die Hard Harder Hardest.

"One Pedal to Another" is a hair slower than the average NP tune, with guitar tones that, weirdly enough, recall Smashing Pumpkins. The differences are subtle, though, so fans who liked anything Rodriguez has done in the last decade or so should be on board. "Blood, The Tango" is a little closer to the NP mold--super catchy, kinda punky, totally awesome.

Both tunes are tasty, so click here to contribute to good music. A second single is due out June 15. SPOILER ALERT: It's good too. A full-length will follow eventually.