Genders - Day of Choices [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Day of Choices [7 inch] (2009)


Genders do the angry kind of powerviolence...well, okay, there isn't really any other kind, is there?

There's a little bit of a heavier low end and the vocals are more of a gravel-coated, lower raspy hoarse, but this isn't far off the Charles Bronson tip. Of course, this style of mean-as-hell thrash is best when it's catchy or has some dynamism to it, and Genders prove capable of both with "More Time," where a completely pounding moment in the middle works perfectly. This song, and five of the six other tracks on this 7", Day of Choices, naturally clock in at under a minute apiece, too. But the band still shows to have a little bit of versatility in their approach; closer "Comfort in Consistency" actually spans into between one and two minutes and throws in some howlin' wolves atop long feedback for good measure.

It's quick, obviously, but the ratio of awesome moments:minutes on this makes it worthwhile.

Day of Choices 7" EP