Attack Attack! - Someday Came Suddenly (Cover Artwork)

Attack Attack!

Someday Came Suddenly (2008)


Whenever there is a huge trend in rock music, there's always that one band that just does something so ridiculous with their trendy music to sound different. I hate to say it, but Attack Attack! is that band for the post-hardcore/screamo/metalcore trend that has been going on for what seems like ages.

It's obvious that they're trying to be the next big thing, but in order to do that they'll have to stick out somehow. They've got that part down. So what do they do? Do they put effort into their instruments? No. How about into their songwriting? Definitely not. Or how about their vocals? Nope, not here. Instead, they replace the usual whiny vocals with Auto-Tuned singing (if you don't know what that, is just listen to it and you'll realize what I mean).

Despite what I said, it's not always bad--there are some enjoyable songs like "Shred, White, and Blue" or the hit of the album, "Stick Stickly." But those songs aren't even that great.

Simply put, Attack Attack! is just your typical, generic screamo band, with electronica breakdowns of course. It's bands like this that make it seem like you can record anything and call it music and people will praise you for it.