Ideal Fathers - A Complete Waste of Time Travel EP / Tokyo Gore Police EP (Cover Artwork)
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Ideal Fathers

A Complete Waste of Time Travel EP / Tokyo Gore Police EP (2009)


Ideal Fathers, a quartet hailing from Denver, dished out two EPs last year: A four-song, spaz-rock attack in A Complete Waste of Time Travel and the more searing, eclectic two-song teaser, Tokyo Gore Police.

A Complete Waste of Time Travel, though recorded in October 2008, saw an official release in May. The funky but rough aspect of the guitars and bass kinda suggest Minutemen while the rugged dance beat points to the old post-punk bands they list as influences: Wire and Gang of Four. They also claim Dead Kennedys as inspiration, and you can actually sorta hear it in the generally creepy vibe going on during the title track. With the vocals, especially in "Mr. Quitman Oversees the Machine" when the singer goes with that strained, ragged yelp, it reminds me a bit of when Dennis Lyxzén is paying heed to Ian Svenonius. It's hard to say that all these influences come together to form a really impressive, cohesive work, because the songwriting is a little coarse and the first two songs generally seem to have the same beat. But it's not bad stuff and the extended breaking down of closer "Failing at Friendly Is Not an Option" adds a bit of a complete finish to the EP.

Conversely, the two-track Tokyo Gore Police was tracked last summer and fall with the band managing to get it out just before the year ended (12/21). It's also a little more out there, at least as far as the second track, the seven-minute "Guitari 2600," is concerned. Granted, the opening title track kinda picks up where Time Travel left off, only a little more intense and straightforward with more guitar distortion. But "Guitari" sets the screams more in the background and they're sharper and more dissonant, with the dance beat almost seeming like a lo-fi front; the song then slowly transitions into electronic ambience that takes the rest of the EP to a close. It's a departure for sure, but not all that enjoyable, and the rough nature of all that precedes it on this EP doesn't fare entirely better.

Therefore, Tokyo Gore Police appears to be a slight misstep after the more promising, not-so-aptly titled--if you abbreviate it, anyway--Complete Waste of Time. If this sounds interesting, you might want to keep an eye on them, though.

A Complete Waste of Time Travel EP: [3/5]
Tokyo Gore Police EP: [2.5/5]

A Complete Waste of Time Travel EP
Tokyo Gore Police EP