Nails - Unsilent Death [12 inch] (Cover Artwork)


Unsilent Death [12 inch] (2010)

Streetcleaner / Six Feet Under

"Bow to no man, no pig, no book of myths. Tolerate no deception, no ignorance. I'm not your fucking servant."

The above line makes up the entire lyrics to the 59-second song entitled "No Servant" on Nails' new 12", Unsilent Death. If you like that--the lack of frill, straight-to-the-point style of laying out frustration and anger, then you will probably like this record.

Unsilent Death is the second Nails 12" in less than a year, although with 10 tracks, this one's considered the full-length. Following very much in the footsteps of the awesome 2009 EP Obscene Humanity, Nails once again employs its down-tuned, stripped-down, three-piece approach to achieve a grimy and disgusted set of hate-filled songs. This time around, the record features actual artwork and those 10 songs clock in at about 14 minutes. Nails is all business.

The best part about Nails, besides the overall great tone (assisted by Kurt Ballou's production) is the perfect execution of tempo shifts. A lot of bands try the slow/fast thing, and while they certainly don't rely on it, Nails do it with purpose. The fast parts are frantic and terrifying and the breakdowns are perfect and always played a little longer than you would expect, pulling every last bit of frustration out of it. Check out the title track for proof.

If you're into hate-filled music with no gimmicks, get this record.