Birds & Wires - Birds & Wires [12 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Birds & Wires

Birds & Wires [12 inch] (2009)

Amor y Lucha

Birds & Wires offer up a self-titled 12" EP for free download, and at worst it's worth your precious hard drive space. The D.C.-based band sound like, well, D.C.--slightly fuzzy, driving post-hardcore tunes akin to early Fugazi. chock full of fairly engaging changes and movements.

"Construct" has a recurring riff that reminds me of Sunny Day Real Estate's "Round," but the yells are even more intense, while "The Sun Also Rises" gets moving on more restrained grounds not unlike a less intense moment from Hoover (say, "Shut"?) until it starts to pick up midway through. There's this lively lead in "Crystal Caskets" that really captures my attention and closer "The Sea and the Hills" has a rhythmic pulse stronger than the other three by far, as well as a more sinister vibe.

Lot of potential here. Get these dudes in Inner Ear and some time to really hunker down and write and a killer album could probably result.