Manic Hispanic - The Recline of Mexican Civilization (Cover Artwork)

Manic Hispanic

The Recline of Mexican Civilization (2002)


This band is a Mexican, punk Weird Al. This is a band that does funny covers of songs just like Weird Al, only instead of taking the latest pop fodder, they have selected to skew some of the greatest songs in punk. Not only that, but instead of writing about polkas, food, and Star Wars, this band sings about all things pertaining to Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. This includes border running, Cinqo De Mayo, drugs, people called Esse, and food (ok so they have 1 in common). The music on this sounds great, they do a really good job of faithfully playing these songs, and the lyrics are pretty funny, most of them play off Hispanic stereotypes and they take each on with humor and a smile.

This is an album that is meant to be dumb and mostly a party album. To me the first and second time I listened it was hilarious, after that the jokes started to get old. I think this has the lasting power of a weaker Weird Al or Me First album, its fun, but it gets old too quickly. If you got some cash to spare and feel like a good laugh, pick this up. For the interested I included the track listening, complete with which songs they are playing:
"Alberto's"- Descendants "Der Weinerschnitzel"
"Mexican Tar"- Richard Hell "Chinese Rocks"
"Get Them Immigrated"- Offspring "Come Out and Play"
"Uncle Chato's Garden"- Bad Religion "Atomic Garden"
"Brown Man in O.C. Jail"- Clash "White Man in Hammersmith Palais"
"If the Vatos Are United"- Sham 69 "If the Kids Are United"
"Mommy's Little Cholo"- Social Distortion ""Mommy's Little Monster"
"Bored with You Esse"- Clash "I'm so "Bored with the U.S.A"
"Rudy Cholo"- Rancid "Ruby Soho"
"Lynch the Landlord"- Dead Kennedys ""Let's Lynch the Landlord"
"Brown Girl"- X "White Girl"
"Tijuana Must Fall"- Catholic Discipline "Underground Babylon"