Black Flag - My War (Cover Artwork)
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Black Flag

My War (1984)


During the period between '81 and '84 we all know well that Black Flag were involved in a legal battle with Unicorn/MCA that ended up keeping the band from releasing any new material or anything with their name on it throughout the battle's duration. But, when the dust settled in 1984 Black Flag rose once again, this time with a slightly heavier sound and a very muscular Henry Rollins. This was a major turning point for the Flag, and, although they lost many of their "Punker than thou" followers, they created an original, heavy, hardcore sound that to this day hasn't been recreated.

My War is one of the band's best albums and show's off the band's diversity and variety in styles and tempos. Songs like "Nothing Left Inside" and "Three Nights" reveil a "slow burn" angry, heavy style later seen commonly in Rollin's early solo work, it works beautifully on this album. Another stand out track is "Forever Time", a loud, brutal screamer written by Mr. Rollins. Ansd then of course there is the classic title track, that is classic Black Flag and is easily one of the hardest songs ever created.

Overall, every song on the album is excellent and it was far too underrated and bashed, really they had come up with something brilliant. The production is a bit snotty, but that isn't the bands fault. If you're going to buy only 1 Flag album buy "Damaged", but this- along with "Loose Nut" and "In My Head"- is an excellent and creative album.