Walk Harbor City - Three Colors (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Walk Harbor City

Three Colors (2010)


Walk Harbor City attempt to make strides with this well-developed but relatively plain three-song digital EP, Three Colors.

This is a fairly garden variety brand of emo-indebted, alternative pop-rock, albeit with some marginal atmospheric and progressive tilts. It vaguely comes off like a tamer Envy on the Coast by way of a mediocre Circa Survive clone (maybe that broken-up YouInSeries band). Five-minute opener "What They Want" sustains an interest impressive for its length, but that's still of mostly indifference. "Modern Flame" has a couple pretty okay melodies, but its polished sheen and cute factor of the vocals occasionally veer on being grating, and there's a weird post-In Reverie Saves the Day-type thing going on that's choppily integrated. "Smoke Yourself Thin" gets into more washed-out, balladic territory, with harmonies that sound overtly refined and consequently stilted (they need to loosen up a bit), and a conclusion that cuts off the EP all too abruptly.

By no means an awful release, Walk Harbor City nonetheless need to work out some kinks to sound a little fresher and more enlivening.

Three Colors EP