Satanic Surfers - Unconsciously Confined (Cover Artwork)

Satanic Surfers

Unconsciously Confined (2002)



So about a month ago I heard that the surfers were going to release their new album "Unconsciously Confined."

I've been a fan of this band for a long time. I live in Denmark so I live kinda close to them and I have met them a few times. Nice guys by the way.

The band started out by playing really fast skate punk but as the years have passed their style has changed into slower political punk.

A lot of people were quite dissapointed with the previous release "fragments and fractions" because the record presented a new and slower style. I was a little dissapointed too (although the songs were good, something was missing, Maybe a better recording!).

With Rodrigo (one of the best punk drummers along with Jordan and Travis Barker) (I don't give a fuck if you hate blink, he's still quite good) away from the drums set I had lost a little faith in the band. Anyways I knew the band would somehow pull through.

On "U.C." the surfers are still showing off that style. This however doesn't have to be a negative thing. There's more of a message in the songs. Talentwise both lyrically and musically this band is far better than Millencolin in my opinion.

The album has fast songs, slow songs, harder songs and even poppier songs like "pecan pie".

What can I say? The songs are good. They however seem sometimes to be going nowhere. Most of the songs are 1½ min long which makes a 13 song album quite short. I just wish they would do something more with their songs.

The song "PC" is in my opinion the best track on the record. It's about racism and being a immigrant myself i can really relate to it. Another great song is "Aim to please" which is more of a explaination of why SS are not playing their old style anymore.

In the end I would like to say that this record is worth buying. However it requires that you're able to listen to the band without expecting to hear another "hero of our time". The album won't get top score because it does lack more powerful songs and a little more heart.