DOOM - Born Like This (Cover Artwork)


Born Like This (2009)


Doom dropped the MF and a new album of all-new stuff about a year ago. This isn't the best album Doom has put out and it wasn't the best hip-hop album of 2009--hell, I'm hard-pressed to say it was in the top 10. But it's still dope. It's still better than most of the stuff out there. It's Doom, so it's hard to expect anything less than stellar.

Anyone with any previous knowledge of Doom should enjoy this album--the beats sound cleaner to me, but they still have that vibe that Doom albums have. "Gazzillion Ear" is one of the best Doom tracks I've ever heard, mostly because of the J Dilla production.

I've always enjoyed the short bursts of songs, the two-minute-and-under raps that Doom always kills over such creative beats. This album has a good selection of those like "Ballskin," "Microwave Mayo" and "Lightworks." I gotta give props to Empress Starhh for making "Still Dope" one of the best tracks on the whole CD. She raps non-stop over a great beat. My jaw was on the floor the first time I heard it.

If you dig Doom or underground hip-hop in general, then this is a great album to add to your collection. Like I said, it isn't the best album Doom's ever done but it ranks comfortably in the Doom annals as a solid record with some shinning moments. It's hard to find a Doom album without some dope beats and rhymes--that's what makes him Doom.