Glass Rock - Tall Firs Meets Soft Location [12 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Glass Rock

Tall Firs Meets Soft Location [12 inch] (2010)

Ecstatic Peace!

Glass Rock is a project involving members of Tall Firs and Soft Location--consequently, that's basically the name and premise of their given debut album here. What's the result? Rather mellow, groove-laden, lounge-y rock with a slight tinge of psychedelic pop and old folk influences, as well as Kathy Leisen's upper-register vocals--she sounds like the love child of Portugal. The Man's John Gourley and Beach House's Victoria Legrand.

"Possession" drifts and coos like a thicker version of what the aforementioned BH might employ, though the hooks aren't quite as refined and Leisen isn't as dynamic in her timbre. Nonetheless, it's an efficient example of Glass Rock at their best--soothing, non-confrontational and setting a consistent, linear atmosphere. They sound just as effective with a little emphasis behind the sound, though, like with "Golddigger."

Granted, the album's occasionally toothless approach does wear somewhat cumbersome. The second half meanders a little breathlessly, notably "U R Not Lonely," as the band seem to find no other mode than "coast," choosing never really to dramatically accelerate or slow down any aspect of their sound when even the littlest of changes could make a more graceful impact.

Tall Firs Meets Soft Location comes out on the other end as a relaxing and musically interesting set, though it's probably not as intoxicating as this style's prone to deliver. A concise, easily digestible collaboration all the same, though.

Glass Rock