Slutty Church Chixxx - Slutty Church Chixxx [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Slutty Church Chixxx

Slutty Church Chixxx [7 inch] (2009)

No Profit

Slutty Church Chixxx and their very non-Googable-at-school-or-work name is a hardcore band out of Alabama. They apparently formed after being inspired during a viewing of the American Hardcore documentary. While they've got good intentions, the results are admittedly less than stellar.

This self-titled 7" does sound like early '80s American hardcore, sure, but with a sloppy and generic tilt to it all the same. Their singer barks in a deeper grunt à la John Brannon or Damian Abraham, while the music behind him chugs away at an iffy, sluggishly up-tempo pace.

Opener "No Morality" is the most memorable of the eight short songs, a 30-second spout where the singer declares "I don't need...your morality!" There's a more metallic feel to "Suicide," but it doesn't feel too anachronistic (you know, at least if this was supposed to have been released 25-30 years ago). "Exit 6" is an obvious nod to some of the poppier Black Flag stuff, with a riff cribbed right out of "Rise Above." "Bible Belt" sounds like an angry Midwest band of the elder time, but it's not as realized or invigorating as, say, Zero Boys or someone from that area.

Overall, it's a flawed performance short of real scrappiness or catchiness, but if the members were to invest some more time in this project there could be something good here.

Police Harassment
Bible Belt
Minimum Wage, Maximum Rage