Propagandhi - How To Clean Everything (Cover Artwork)


How To Clean Everything (1993)

Fat Wreck Chords

This album is gold. Well the actual disc is kinda mustard, but the music it makes is audio gold. My first taste of Propagandhi was probably like most, Anti-Manifesto, track one on Fat Music For Fat People. It was love at first listen.

Anti-Manifesto in my mind is Propagandhi, it is what i think about when the band is mentioned. It fucking kicks arse. It changes styles through out the song, from kinda ska at the beggining, through to juicey punk with the occasional sudden stop to say things like, "I don't even care any-fucking more".

Showdown is up there with Anti-manifesto, the split vocals make this song brilliant, and the riff is absolutely awsome.

Ska Sucks, good, funny ska song, a bit controversial, and the be all, end all of F.A.Q., 'Do you guys really hate ska?' well apparently they dont.

Most songs on this album are above average, if not really really good. All have their fair share of Politically agitated lyrics, which is what Propagandhi are all about. Oh yeah all songs have their fair share of "Fucking fuck fuckeddy fuckin' fucked" but i like that too. The lyrics are all in the booklet for your learning purposes, also in the booklet, the bands they stole thier riffs from, and the thank you list, or lack off.

This album fucking rocks.

You should own this by now, it's nearly 10 years old, and fuck, its kinda embarrasing being the first to review it. Lucky me.