Glory Bound - Glory Bound (Cover Artwork)

Glory Bound

Glory Bound (2010)

Death to False Hope

Glory Bound sound a lot like early Against Me!, and I strongly suggest them to fans of that sound. However, that doesn't tell the whole story. They also have tinges of Clash-influenced punk (think early Briggs, the Menzingers), Hot Water Music-style post-hardcore, and melodic hardcore (particularly during the Comeback Kid-esque "I Always Thought You Looked Like an Asshole in Camouflage"). Glory Bound bring something different to each song on the album, and stay exciting throughout. While this album doesn't break new punk ground, it works several subgenres into a collection of heartfelt and surprisingly cohesive songs.

Standouts "For Pete's Sake" and "More Ian Mackaye, Less Ron Jeremy" are two of the album's folkier tracks, and despite their relative sonic tameness, they are perhaps the two most energetic songs on the album. Both start out slow but soon emerge as rollicking anthems. The lyrics also don't bring anything too new to the table, but the world could always use a couple more whiskey-soaked songs of frustration, and Glory Bound deliver quality verses in this vein.

This would be a worthwhile pickup for any fan of heartfelt, folk-tinged punk. Also, it's put out by Death to False Hope, so it's free.

Download the album here.