Impossibles - 4 Song Brick Bomb (Cover Artwork)


4 Song Brick Bomb (2001)

Fueled by Ramen

What a tease. The Impossibles drop this four-song EP as a followup to Return and shortly after they break up again. This EP, like Return, remains ska-free. However, while many labeled Return as a Weezer clone, and understandably so, this EP finds the band on a path towards something else and a lot of that Weezer vibe is gone.

This EP contains the band's most progressive songwriting. Not settling for simple power-pop, we find the band using more experimental song structures and the guitarists playing styles and using techniques they haven't played or used before. All the while they maintain that "Impossibles" sound.

Once again Gabe and Rory do an excellent job with the vocals and their harmonies are placed and performed better than ever. Even though these songs aren't as easily digestible as their past work, you'll find yourself singing along in no time.

This release definitely comes across as their most aggressive. With Rory putting in plenty of his semi-scream and even some gang vocals thrown in, you really get the impression they were in need of tension release when they wrote these songs.

It's really too bad that the Impossibles broke up. This EP shows a band who continued to evolve with each release; who knows what they might have done next. It's also too bad that it was only an EP, as people seem to associate Return as their swan song instead of this small piece of brilliance.