Crookedhook - Breathe Pollution (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Breathe Pollution (2009)

Sore Loser / Rubber Factory

Crookedhook is a four-piece punk band from Toronto, Ontario. Apparently, they also play ska-punk from time to time, but for this five-song EP, they've turned the ska-punk to skatepunk with clear production and a polished sound.

Steve Rawles, formerly of famed Canadian punkers Belvedere and currently of This Is a Standoff, contributes guest vocals for the opening track, "Breathe Pollution." The lyrics of the song decry unrestrained development and overconsumption, asking, "How far will suburban sprawl make its way across the nation? How long ‘til we lose it all? All vegetation trampled in time." "Ends Meet" packs a bit more of a hook (err...crooked hook), while "Size Zero" takes aim at using fashion to make up for shitty music.

The band incorporates a unique semi-march rhythm on "Don't Think, Just Swallow," which is executed well, and adds a level of variety to the EP that might not otherwise exist. The lyrics follow along with the title, which mock, "Don't think, don't chew, just swallow / They've laid out the rules to follow / You'll find bliss in ignorance." The closer, "Just About Time" is the catchiest track of the disc, but should have ended after the first two minutes instead of extending for double that.

Even though it's short, Crookedhook has assembled a very nice set of songs on this EP. Fans of skatepunk, pop-punk or just plain punk rock should find something to enjoy on Breathe Pollution.