Sweet Empire - The Flood [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Sweet Empire

The Flood [7 inch] (2010)

Black Death

Dutch act Sweet Empire have a pretty sweet little 7" in The Flood, giving up five solid tracks of Descendents/ALL-influenced pop-punk.

Calling The Flood pop-punk takes away from the restraint and mid-tempo candor the EP often carries with it, though. But, well, that's what it is. "Chaplin" has a good energy about it, but it facilitates between more bouncy parts and riffy, rugged pacing. "Red Flags" has a total Everything Sucks vibe when their ever-so-slightly nasal vocalist shouts, "We know this place is fucked!" But there are other, more original moments in the song to keep it fresh and versatile.

At times, The Flood can be a little bit innocuous and the various parts don't always flow into one another too seamlessly. That being said, this is an enjoyable release with some definitively rewarding glimmers to make it overall worthwhile.

The Flood EP