Weatherbox - Christpuncher (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Christpuncher (2010)


Weatherbox's Christpuncher is a tidy two-song digital single that was apparently supposed to be a 7" at one point. I guess the idea got nulled and what's left instead is a brief sneak peak of the band's next full-length, these tracks cut with a whole new band backing the creative mind of vocalist/guitarist Brian Warren.

"Broken Glow Sticks" is noticeably different than the band's past material, for the most part: knotty, stop-start guitar riffs a bit like fellow San Diegans No Knife make up the verses with Warren's voice muffled with an effect and blurting out lyrics seemingly about some shitty rave in a punctual, sort of spoken-abrasive manner. But these verses transition to a brighter chorus with crooned "ooo"s backing and a disjointed, jaunty but melodic finish that's a little more reminiscent of the more rocking, angular moments of 2007's American Art.

"The Bullets" sounds more like the logical, mature progression from Art than did the more esoteric, drifting Cosmic Drama from last year. Distorted and clean, jangly guitars dance in and out of each other in an upbeat way with Warren providing plenty of "ahhh"s and the song's central romantic hook cloaked oddly in weaponry: "I drink for the armor, she drinks for the ammo / We go together like the colors in the camo."

A quick, enjoyable tease from the Weatherbox camp.