The Dead Weather - Sea of Cowards (Cover Artwork)

The Dead Weather

Sea of Cowards (2010)

Third Man

It seems astonishing that the Dead Weather can record a new full-length in less than a year since their debut, Horehound, along with touring periodically. Then there's the fact that this followup, Sea of Cowards, is a great freakin' album. This new record is no Part Two to Horehound, but its own original journey of its own.

Jack White takes over the lead vocals in the opening track, "Blue Blood Blues," while Alison Mosshart "ooo"s in the background. The song is a smorgasbord of noise and instruments. Guitars, piano, bass, and drums all blast their tunes as it flows perfectly into the second track, "Hustle and Cuss." There's no slowing down from the first song, with Jack Lawrence opening the track with a strong bass riff. Mosshart takes her role as lead vocalist, constantly screeching the words "hustle and cuss" with White joining her.

Keyboards are found more prominent in this album, as seen on "The Difference Between Us" and "Die by the Drop." Also, White seems to have a more crucial role as a singer on this album. The chemistry and sound of these two singers working along together is met extremely well. Mosshart haunts the listeners again in the dark track "I'm Mad" as she laughs insanely. Then, she heightens her voice in "I Can't Hear You" with a sexy vibe that flows with the guitar solos and shaking maraca. The album continues to rock its hard insanity with tracks such as "Gasoline" and "No Horse." "Jawbreaker" rocks into a punk tone, with the fellow group members soloing along while keeping on time each other. The album ends with the confusing tale of "Old Mary," which sums up and ends the album perfectly.

Sea of Cowards is nothing like Horehound, though it still keeps the dark blues-rock tone. The Dead Weather obviously love doing what they do and seem passionate in their music-making. Who knows what White will want to do next, but honestly, who cares? This supergroup is something the rock world has needed for such a long time.