Late Nite Wars - Every Other Saturday [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Late Nite Wars

Every Other Saturday [7 inch] (2010)


Late Nite Wars are already prepped to release their Panic Records debut 7", It's Okay or Even Worse, but they just unleashed this quick three-song holdover, Every Other Saturday, a few months ago.

The dynamics on this 7" aren't as immediately apparent as they were on their self-titled demo/EP, but repeat listens reveal that there's just about as much thought and energetic propulsion inherent within. Late Nite Wars are still doing the style of hardcore-influenced, fast pop-punk so readily available these days, but they're doing it far better than most. And this time around it's even harder to draw direct comparisons--maybe Robot Eyes at double the speed, with a grittier vocalist and a little more "fun" about the musical base.

The light-hearted "I'm Only Going to Tell You This Twice" is a :42 intro of sorts, flying by with a tasteful gang vocal part. "Members Only Karaoke" is the scrappy but clearly ambitious centerpiece highlight of the record, with resolute guitar tones and flashes of really earnest declarations--"I'll always have your back" frontman Kevin Quinn says trustingly, seeming to extend an honest hand. "I'll always be your friend." "P.O.P.C." is seemingly LNW's urgent, "pushing on" band anthem.

While there was an overwhelming sense of deliberation on the band's demo that I'm unfortunately not hearing on this particular record, it's not at all a bad trio of songs. I do hope Even Worse and whatever follows does go with that more open path, but even at this level it's better than okay.

Members Only Karaoke