Randy Thunderbird - How to Talk to Kids About Robots (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Randy Thunderbird

How to Talk to Kids About Robots (2010)

Bermuda Mohawk

Randy Thunderbird hold down a fairly decent Orgcore-styled sound on their full-length, How to Talk to Kids About Robots. Despite the relative goofiness of its title, it's an album full of rugged Chicago punk that's relatively serious while remaining fun and a little bit rambunctious.

Stylistically, this album reminds me of what might have resulted if Osker's Devon Williams gargled a little gravel and then fronted the Lawrence Arms on a more straightforward, less unique version of Ghost Stories. I don't want to slag on this band or album too much in comparison to the greats, though--this album stays pretty solid and enjoyable throughout even if there aren't too many moments that jump out vibrantly.

Tracks like "Untitled" and "Science Friday" (big ups on the NPR reference) prove the band has some hooks tucked away, while the latter also has a slower cross-section for a moment, something I hope the band explore more liberally in the future. Closer "Lockjaw" begins like a sped-up "Lose Your Illusion 1" while their singer sounds more like Williams than usual.

Randy Thunderbird have kicked out a reliable 10 tracks here. A little more work and flexibility and they'll really be doing something great, though.

How to Talk to Kids About Robots