MU330 - Ultra Panic (Cover Artwork)


Ultra Panic (2002)

Asian Man

So this is the 6th and latest studio recording by long time ska band MU330. In a time where bands are afraid to play ska or anything ska related for that matter, MU330 gives us their most overtly ska album to date. The album features guest performances by ex-Blue Meanies Chaz Linde on keys and John Paul Camp III on sax, they play on almost every single song.

The album itself is amazing from start to finish, every song is outstanding in itself. The opening track Raw Fish gives you a taste of whats to come, fast hyper psycho ska. Any MU330 album wouldn't be complete without a few joke songs, and the songs KKK Hiway and HiMYNameIsJohn are great. The latter sounds as if they took a letter a young fan wrote them and made music to go with it. Two personal favorites on Ultra Panic are Hey Now and Deeper. Hey Now is one of the slower songs on the cd and features some great trombone solos. Deeper just plain rocks.

I highly recommend you go and check out this album. Having heard all of MU330's previous records, this is the one to own. For all of you rudies out their itching for some new music, you won't be disapointed with this.