Mouthbreather - Mouthbreather [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)


Mouthbreather [7-inch] (2007)

Tick Tock/Kiss of Death

"The worst day on tour is better than the best day at work."

If you've ever been on tour, you agree. If you've never been on tour, open this record, read the lyrics and listen to these two songs and you'll wish you were on tour right now. Two songs, "Forgainst the Kids" and "I Don't Work in Restaurants for the Food," that remind you of how much fun is available. And the churning, hollering type of post-hardcore that has come from Richmond, VA for years. For a band of dudes who, I'm sure, would never, NEVER describe themselves as "posi," these songs make me feel better than any songs have in a long time.

In 20 years, most of you will listen to this 7" and remember how much you loved lip-sweating onto the mouth of your 40 with 30 other smelly people in someone's dirty basement on a miserably hot summer night, watching great bands like Mouthbreather. These two songs are important because of the nostalgia, longing, and smile-to-yourself satisfaction that they do, and will continue to inspire. And they're also just a lot of fun.