The Apers - The Apers (Cover Artwork)

The Apers

The Apers (2001)


There are some really fucked-up so-called punk bands coming from the US these days, they are all over MTV. And 4 guys from The Netherlands are going to teach those bands a lesson. I'll explain why.

This band's songs are exactly what some people would call pop-punk. Snotty vocals, backup-singers singing "na-na-na", "whoa, whoa, whoa" and "pa-pa-pa-paa", lyrics about girls and one thing that's essential for punk rock and what most of the MTV-punk bands lack: rock 'n roll. And that's one thing that's definitly there on this record, and lots of it.

The whole record is an almost 37 minute déja-vu of the sound of classic (pop)punkbands. Main influences of these guys are The Ramones, The Queers, Screeching Weasel and The Undertones and that's pretty obvious when you listen to this record. 12 songs without anything new, just the best of punk rock blended into one sound. Actually there is no need to explain this sound, you've heard it all before. But 12 songs that are just as catchy as a Beach Boys record make this an instant classic.

Europe is going to save punkrock 'n roll!