We Are the in Crowd - Guaranteed to Disagree (Cover Artwork)

We Are the in Crowd

Guaranteed to Disagree (2010)


If everyone's talking, you know you're doing something right. The Poughkeepsie-based outfit We Are the in Crowd has exploded onto the scene since forming in 2009, already signing to Hopeless Records and playing every stop on the 2010 Vans Warped Tour. Their debut EP, Guaranteed to Disagree displays many of the key sounds that makes them stand out from the rest of the "crowd."

Five seconds into the EP, Tay Jardine (vocals) belts out a high note exclaiming to "Carry Her Home." From there we are introduced to an addicting mix of pop guitars and conflicting vocals between Tay and Jordan Eckes (guitar/vocals), escalated during a mellow bridge two minutes into the opening track. The addition of Will Pugh (Cartel) on "Never Be What You Want" is a welcome complement to the EP produced by Kenneth Mount and Zack Odom (Cartel, All Time Low, Mayday Parade). Halfway through the album, We Are the in Crowd shows off their technicality and depth in "Lights Out." This track features a great drum performance by Rob Chianelli and a great melody complementing Tay and Jordan's vocals. "For the Win," the group's first single, features a great synth line and addicting hook that stays in your head for days.

While Guaranteed to Disagree is a great start for the quintet, We Are the in Crowd still makes some rookie mistakes on their debut. One track that doesn't settle well with me is "We Need a Break." Following "Lights Out," possibly the best song on the EP, the second vocal line has Jordan screaming "All damn night and all damn day / because of you bitch I would rather do nothing." While I commend the band's attempt at trying to be "edgy," it offsets the "feel-good" nature of the first half of the EP and seems incredibly out of place while tainting the rest of the track. I also feel as though the last track, "Calendar Pages," is lacking the element of replayability. It's still a good song, but I believe it would have been better placed second-to-last, with "For the Win" rounding out the EP with a bang.

Overall, it looks like We Are the in Crowd has made a dynamic statement in their debut. Jardine, Eckes, Chianelli, Mike Ferri (bass) and Cameron Hurley (guitar) have shown off incredible talent; especially considering the lack of experience playing together as a band. Tay will instantly be compared to Hayley Williams (Paramore), but I believe they will continue to develop their sound.

BOTTOM LINE: Guaranteed to Disagree is a great debut for a band that's relatively new and still developing their sound. They are definitely worth checking out.