The Martyrs - If We Fall Tonight (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Martyrs

If We Fall Tonight (2010)


Sorry, Martyrs. I'm sure the last positive critique you wanted to hear from me was how much I enjoyed the layout and the artwork. I'm kinda a sucker for that nostalgic collage look (Bane's Give Blood is one of the best inserts ever), so kudos to you. But rest assured guys, your music is pretty solid as well. A little uneventful, but solid.

I definitely understand how difficult it is to write an enjoyable yet really simple punk rock number. For that, Martyrs, I've gotta commend you: Your riffs sometimes hint at some neat chords played at interesting rhythms ("Camelot") and the basslines are definitely more than competent ("A Temporary Fix"). "Us Against Them" has the fast, scratchy punk sound you seem to be going for, but executed at its best. Oh, I appreciate the ska songs too--you're maybe a little older than me, but I grew up on a little Rancid and NOFX myself. It's a nice, albeit predictable, touch.

The vocals seem to be the issue for me. For one, they seem to be a little low in the mix, but more importantly, they're inconsistent. Maybe that's the downfall to having three lead vocalists, but some hold up better than others. While the gang vocals in "2 A.M." work well, throughout the album, they are a bit over the top. Thankfully, the honest lyrics make up for a lot of it ("...but lately all I stand for is my right to stand for nothing at all").

There are some awkward moments, sure, but if you really want to hear some basic punk rock with absolutely zero strings attached, you should probably check this out.