Samantha - Play Nice (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Play Nice (2010)


Name to cover art, I wouldn't blame you for avoiding Chicago's Samantha and their three-song teaser EP, Play Nice, at all costs. But if you're an absolute fiend for mid-tempo, Midwest punk with raspy vocals, this might be worthwhile. While Samantha sound rather amateur or flat at points on this EP, they've got an otherwise interesting blend of Samiam and early Banner Pilot on lockdown here, only with a cleaner delivery of sorts.

With patience, the angsty, hooky chorus of opener "Broken Models" becomes a relatively gratifying highlight, and vocalist/guitarist Mike Borchardt could practically be Brendan Kelly's younger brother in it. "Wink" is more forgettable but the solo in it is pretty ripping. Closer "Bad Game" has a little more energy and enthusiasm and promises better things.

Play Nice isn't bad but it could certainly be better. Let's wait and see how the band develop.

Play Nice EP