Mixtapes - Thought About Growing Up (Cover Artwork)
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Thought About Growing Up (2010)

Death to False Hope

It's only been a few months since the lot of us fell in love with Mixtapes courtesy of their near-perfect debut Maps, and they've already returned with Thought about Growing Up, a four-song set chock full of the cut-to-the-chase pop-punk we'd expect from them, with a few new tricks.

Much like Maps began with "Sunrise" and "Maps," TAGU kicks off with a 1-2 punch that's cohesive enough to function as a single track. The piano-heavy "Recently" segues perfectly into the bombastic pop of "Morning Sex and AM Radio," a song that showcases Mixtapes' growth in the form of plodding drum fills and an anthemic chorus.

After the quick, quirky "Poprocks 'n Coke," the band drops a gem in "Sprinkles," another shining example of their rapid growth as songwriters. The hooks are huge, the chorus is infectious and the vocal melodies between Ryan and Maura are wholly solid and memorable. No complaints there.

The way Thought About Growing Up is sequenced would be perfect for a 7" release, so let's hope it's in the cards. Mixtapes deserves it. Let the hype continue to build.