Senders - Recovery [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Recovery [7-inch] (2010)

Kiss of Death

Senders' self-proclaimed "stoner emo" tag ain't too far off. The band's new 7", Recovery is a brief look at what's turning out to be an intriguing and promising band that keeps their influences (mainly Hum and the city of Gainesville, in that order) close, but not too close.

The twinkling guitars that open "Cuffed" quickly delve into heavy, atmospheric territory with initially distant vocals. The song's chorus is chunky and catchy, with the vocal approach therein heightened to great effect.

"Near Freeport" plods a little more, with a neat intro carried by distant and distorted vocals and subtly melodic guitar work. There's a quick buildup in the middle of the song that doesn't quite crash as hard as it could, but the band recovers quickly and with aplomb. The vocals here are decidedly more urgent and even screamy at times than not, and when paired with those low-end riffs it makes for a nice dynamic.

They're still a relatively new band, but Senders are already making their mark on the scene, playing a brand of rock that a lot of outfits gave up on a decade and a half ago. Recovery is another solid step forward for a band with loads of potential.