Sellfish - Major League Punkrock (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Major League Punkrock (2010)


Major League Punkrock is a collection of remastered songs from Haarlem, Netherland's Sellfish. "Major league" may be a tad presumptuous, but from 2000-2008, the band has produced some decent Bad Religion and NOFX-influenced jams that are at least worth checking out.

It's no surpise that the best tracks are the most recent. I'll credit that to Wim, the vocalist; his slighty scratchy voice has real personality and make "It Doesn't Matter" and "Lucky Loser" into rousing choruses. "Big Old Boring Man" and "You and I," the oldest tracks, are a bit awkward in that inexperienced kinda way, but hey, this is more or less a discography--evaluation of the individual songs is irrelevant. I guess the band has never heard of Youth of Today, but the non-plural "Break Down the Wall" is probably my favorite. Reminds me of Rise Against.

In addition to the vinyl, you get the download code, which is always appreciated. The packaging leaves a little bit to be desired, but the sketches of pigs are pretty adorable. Especially the sad, tiny rascal below the track listing. Cheer up, little guy.

Apparently, the originals are all out of print, so if you're a fan (or potential fan), this convenient release wraps things up quite nicely.