Everything Sucks - The Taxes in Texas [12-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Everything Sucks

The Taxes in Texas [12-inch] (2010)

Just a Audial / Dead Broke

Long Island locals Everything Sucks kick out a nine-song debut full-length of raucously tempered and sprightly, Dischord-y punk jams. So despite the name, you're not getting Descendents-style pop-punk jams, so sorry in advance. But what Everything Sucks do on The Taxes in Texas is an enjoyable enough substitution.

Although the band is relatively straightforward musically, they're sort of between Gray Matter and early Moss Icon territory with some cleaner, comprehensible vocals dropping occasional pop culture references among a whole lot of sarcasm and self-deprecation. "The Riceman Cometh" shows the band's concise, aggressive side, while the energetic mid-pacing of the frustrated "I Lack Gumption" finds frontman Matthew speaking of his own dilapidating versatility in life ("These days I find the only hat I own says, 'sleeps late, and talks too much'"). "We've Been Working on the Railroad" bites the "Waiting Room" riff hard, but it's totally cool since its intense chorus break is pretty caustic.

There's a raw, first-take ruggedness to what Everything Sucks do. "Ugh, I fucked that--ugh, whatever," says Matt at the close of "Minamebadge Weighs a Ton" in disgust at his own line flubbing. Nonetheless, though, they always sound pretty tight and together. Closer "WW3," which initially appeared on Generic Insight Radio's Volume One compilation, plows through with rigid, head-bobbing stop-starts and succinct pauses, making it one of the album's standouts.

Insert gimmicky counter-argument punchline here as record contradicts band name.

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The Riceman Cometh
I Lack Gumption