Minnesota's Calling - Minnesota's Calling (Cover Artwork)

Minnesota's Calling

Minnesota's Calling (2010)

Death to False Hope

Minnesota's Calling's four songs on this EP cover a wide range of sounds with an overall aesthetic that reminds me of the Replacements but with a hint more country/roots rock influences.

This attitude is perfectly encapsulated in the opening track, "Whiskey Nights and Grey Skies." It's a deceptively simple song, blending its 6/8 time signature subtly and skillfully while keeping a solid attitude with lyrics that could fit into any classic radio country song. The next song, however, "Romance at Short Notice" soars through its three minutes and the chance for the band to show their classically trained (in punk rock that is) chops. It's almost hard to tell that it is the same band singing both songs but that point quickly becomes moot when one considers how well both songs are written and just fun to listen too.

The latter half of the EP follows more to the form of "Whiskey Nights" with a more straightforward rock sound that continues to wear its influences on its sleeve without falling into the trap of simply copying whats come before.

This EP packs a lot of punch and definitely whets the appetite for a full-length that would fit perfectly in between your Lucero and Two Cow Garage records.