Q And Not U - On Play Patterns (Cover Artwork)

Q And Not U

On Play Patterns (2002)


With 2000's "No Kill, No Beep Beep", Q And Not U released one of the most intensly creative (non-Fugazi) albums Dischord has seen in the last 5 years. Bridging funked out bass, rock solid drumming, and a dueling guitar sound that makes most punk acts today sound horribly derivative, Q And Not U gave to the kids one incredible album. Full of bratty interchanging voices that ranged from a almost spoken verse to death shrieks that I have never heard before or since imitated, Q And Not U seemed to embody everything you could hope punk would be: creative, fun, and rocking.

Recently the loss of bassist Matt Borlick has forced the remaining members to repatch the band and soldier on as a trio. So what does the new sound sound like? Well i recently had the pleasure of watching them rock out in DC and get my hands on a copy of the new single, and let me assure you, it does not suck. Granted, the lack of the bass does take away that funked out quality that ran through so much of their first album, yet the band suffers little from this change.

The first song "Ten Thousand Animal Calls", starts off with two heavily droning guitars before kicking off into a very cool driving song. The drumming, as has always been, is superb, with John whacking away like his life depended on it. Elsewhere, the guitar work, though less angular, is still top notch. The second song "Soft Pyramids" is a total flip from the first cut. Much more subdued, it floats away on a disco drum beat and a softly played keyboard. Although slightly weaker than the first cut, it is none the less a great song. All in all the new Q And Not U single is a great CD, one that puts to rest all doubts that these guys couldn't hack it without their bassist.