The Riot Before - Fists...Out of Sockets (Cover Artwork)

The Riot Before

Fists...Out of Sockets (2009)

Paper + Plastick

Shortly after signing to Paper + Plastick, the Riot Before released Fists...Out of Sockets as a free download. Put simply, it is a collection of seven songs from their previous full-length, Fists Buried In Pockets, performed acoustically.

In some cases ("You Can't Sexy Dance to Punk Rock," "Capillaries") the songs are straightforward renditions of the originals. The most interesting songs, however, come when the EP version provides a new twist. "I Have My Books" stands out in particular. While the song is originally performed just by singer Brett Adams and a guitar, on Fists....Out of Sockets the song is given a soulful full-band makeover complete with a horn section. For fans of Fists Buried In Pockets, tracks like these will be a pleasant treat.

As a whole Fists...Out of Pockets is an enjoyable listen for anyone even vaguely familiar with the band. The more straightforward covers are certainly worth a few listens thanks to Adams's dynamic voice and poetic lyrics. The songs that are recreated differently are well-done for all the same reasons and have the added bonus of seeing the original from a new angle. The album can be downloaded for free here and I highly suggest doing so.