Religious as Fuck / American Cheeseburger - Split [12-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Religious as Fuck / American Cheeseburger

Split [12-inch] (2009)

No Idea

The first thing that will grab folks' attention about the Religious as Fuck/American Cheeseburger split is the cover, specifically the RAF side--it's all furries! So cute and/or sexually deviant! The music contained within is not cute, however. Both bands rip through 10 songs apiece for the price of one album, providing listeners with a deal in stereo. Given just how much these bands sound alike, though, some people might not even notice that this is a split.

RAF goes first with 10 thrash/hardcore tunes in the vein of Assholeparade and Brain Handle. Topics include organized religion, the system and jerks, and how much those things suck. The songs blur together into a skull-crushing assault, which I hear is popular with the kids. This shit is raw. Just to put these songs into perspective, you get 10 tracks on one side of a 12-inch vinyl set to 45 rpm. That's the same number of tracks as Get Happy!! at 1.36 the speed.

American Cheeseburger comes out the winner, though, if only because the band sprinkles some Southern humor in between audio attacks. Also, their songs sound like a jet engine if you stand a room or two away from the record player. The band covers much of the same territory lyrically as RAF, although they get points for being more direct. For example, here are all of the words to "I.V.O.W.": "War isn't working / Peace isn't working / Welcome to hell / We're all gonna die." Now that's a tasty burger.