Various - Solid [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Solid [7-inch] (2009)

Rodent Popsicle / Crash Assailant

The Solid EP is a four-song, four-way split between some familiar faces in the Rodent Popsicle family.

M.D.C., Embrace the Kill, Citizen Fish and Mouth Sewn Shut all make contributions, while Dick Lucas plays the most prolific role, providing lead vocals for Citizen Fish, guest vocals for Embrace the Kill, and also doing the cover artwork and handwritten lyrics insert.

The M.D.C. track "Mary Jane for President" starts things off with their goofy, quasi-political rabble-rouser, which is a decent enough track but already available on Mobocracy, M.D.C.'s split with the Restarts. The crusty ska-punk of Embrace the Kill's "Polizia Controlla" is a nice Citizen Fish-influenced number, even more so since Subhumans/Citizen Fish frontman Dick Lucas provides most of the vocals. It's one of the better songs on the record, but again, it was already released on their self-titled 7-inch.

Citizen Fish contributes easily the best song on the Solid EP with "Better," a bouncy and light ska song with terrific hornlines and great lyrics: "They make the roads and telephones and shrink the planet down / Mass dispersal, universal information now / We're overdosed for all we know on all the facts we found." Mouth Sewn Shut offers up the reggae crust of "They're Watching You," a good song but already available on their 2009 full-length.

The Solid EP is just that: a solid four-way split of leftist punk and ska. If you're looking for exclusive tracks (Citizen Fish's is the only one), this isn't your best bet. But for most punks it's worth it to get this on vinyl, especially for the cool art done by Dick Lucas.