Anti-Flag - Mobilize (Cover Artwork)


Mobilize (2002)


So there's this new album from Anti-Flag. There are eight new tracks followed by eight live tracks of songs from their four previous albums. I'm sure we've all heard about Anti-Flag at one point or another during the last year or so. For fans that have followed the band since their older albums, it's amazing to see a band with this message become so popular in today's punk scene where melody, hooks, and personal lyrics run rampant. But that's just the thing- Anti-Flag has melody, they have hooks, but their message of unity, rebellion, and individuality is somewhat of a minority.

Mobilize follows in the same vein as A New Kind of Army and Underground Network musically. The choruses and shout alongs are there. The guitars buzz with synchronization, the bass bubbles with affection, and the drums keep the tempo precise. As always, Justin Insane's vocals are always fun to listen to. #2, the bassist, also lends his gruff vocals on a couple of tracks. The only real difference with Mobilize than their last album, Underground Network, is the production. Not too overproduced, but forumlated enough to sound loud, Anti-Flag come off as much more angry and raw.

The live tracks on this release are simply awesome. Playing songs like, "Tearing Everyone Down," "Underground Network," "Free Nation," "Spaz's House Destruction Party," and of course "Die For the Government," Anti-Flag sound incredible. The production is very lucid, much like No Use's live album.

The only real complaint I have with this album is of course the lyrical content. Don't get me wrong, Anti-Flag do have clever lyrics, it's just that they come off as repetitive and dull sometimes. However, this doesn't really stop the listener by having a really fun listening experience.

After hearing new tracks like "911 For Peace" and "Mumia's Song" live, I can say that Anti-Flag is surely not slowing down. While this isn't their best release (I would suggest getting A New Kind of Army), it's clear that they are some of the best songwriters out there.