Arthritic Foot Soldiers - No Wonder b/w TV Minds [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Arthritic Foot Soldiers

No Wonder b/w TV Minds [7-inch] (2010)


At the start of 2009, Arthritic Foot Soldiers (AFS) released the Immature Nobodies album, having recorded it in, and it being with a sound redolent of, the USA. It had a great feel to it, with some cracking sing-along tunes that were suitable for fans of any number of the genres that reside within the punk world these days.

So, with their latest long-player, Trash Vegas, soon to drop, this two-track red vinyl single gives an insight into what can be expected from what is quite a prolific band if you look at their discography.

"No Wonder" kicks off with a melodic gruff vocal intro followed by some ska guitar that moves easily into the more punked-up chorus. The sentiment of the song appears to be about how easy it is to be in a mess when you don't fit in. I reckon this is still relevant today for someone into a punk lifestyle, although it's probably a bit easier today as it's no longer deemed as much of a threat to society in general (which is a bit of a shame). "No Wonder" will get you singing along and humming the chorus after just one listen and that is never a bad thing.

Next up is "TV Minds," a slightly slower and much longer track, which, quite rightly, highlights how television is such a bit part of the world today, both in terms of being omnipresent throughout society and also being the driving force of what people believe and follow. This song took a while to get into my head but after a few plays it's firmly rooted and tucked away in my mental musical library.

Once again, the vocal stylings of Munki Boi and the exceptional guitar work of Carl Arnfield are what help make AFS a band to be reckoned with if you like tuneful punk rock. There is obviously a wealth of experience that allows AFS to keep making good records and also to produce music that isn't dated, which comes through in these songs and with the previous album. AFS's forthcoming album is a release to be eagerly awaited.