That's Incredible - That's Incredible [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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That's Incredible

That's Incredible [7-inch] (2010)

It's Alive

That's Incredible bear a pretty decent alum: The Soviettes, Toys That Kill, Killer Dreamer and Dick Army. Considering that list, though, it's no surprise that the band's self-titled 7" is a tight quartet of stripped-down, edgy pop-punk jams.

The one-sheet claims the band call Ridgewood, Queens their hometown, but their MySpace says San Pedro, California. I'm prone to believe the latter more as the band seem to look to the Bay Area for inspiration in playing that style of gritty, moderately fast-tempo pop-punk, reminding me of a cross between Pinhead Gunpowder and One Man Army. And they've got three lead vocalists for purposes of variety, letting each take the reigns on a particular song. But That's Incredible still feels like a sensibly cohesive unit and less like a three- or four-way split, whether it's with the subtler female lead of "It's All Good," the rock'n'roll licks of "80 Doing 90" or the Paddy Costello-ish vocals of romping closer "Magnetic Hands."

It definitely makes for a decent taste with quiet variances; now let's see if they can keep that up for an entire full-length's worth.

It's All Good

Magnetic Hands