Pudge - Chippy Tea (Cover Artwork)


Chippy Tea (2010)

Not Shy of DIY

There are a fair few U.S. bands around at the moment who play relatively fast pop-punk--bands like Dear Landlord, for example. Well, imagine if one of those bands came from a post-industrial town in the north of England...that's basically Pudge in a nutshell, which makes them easily as good but actually much better if you're from the UK.

It's easy to relate to the lyrical content of this album's songs about getting pissed, working shit jobs, having chips and mushy peas for tea on your way to the gig, ill-advised late night Jaeger shots... You get the idea; it's probably your life! There's no pretence at all--it's fast and fun and basically tells it as it is; no trying to make being poor and drunk in Sheffield sound romantic or revolutionary. You're born, you work, you get drunk, you die...let Pudge be the soundtrack to your mindless path of destruction! Very good!