Planes Mistaken For Stars - Knife In The Marathon (Cover Artwork)

Planes Mistaken For Stars

Knife In The Marathon (2000)

Deep Elm

When I listen to this band, i want to fuck shit up.

This is the only band that the dueling vocals actually seem to be trying to kill each other. Over-take, crush, destroy. Sometimes, I think that one of them might have succeeded.

Heavy, frantic guitars that don't always fit. Just pound 'em harder, man, they'll even out eventually. It's like they don't mean to use melody, but they exude it, it comes out anyway. It oozes, like it's always been there, and the heaviness of this fucking record is them trying to hide it from you.

What kind of distortion pedal does the bass player use? Or does he just slit his speaker cones with a razor?

Every song on this record is completely amazing and renews my faith in hardcore everytime I let it invade my life.

So listen to your Stretch Armstrong CD's and keep pretending. When you're ready, when you're sick of the slick production, the fashion, and the 'cool' jump-kicks, listen to this.

Hey, no one ever said hardcore's nice...