Joyce Manor - Constant Headache (demo) (Cover Artwork)
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Joyce Manor

Constant Headache (demo) (2010)


Since Joyce Manor recently joined 6131 Records and we're likely to hear a lot more from them soon, it may prove prudent to first take a look at the band's recent demo, Constant Headache.

Like so many demos before it, it's opened by far and away the strongest track of the five: "Constant Nothing" has plenty of hooks while maintaining a healthy SoCal speed and a bit of Midwestern gruff, with perhaps a sprinkle of Brooklyn looseness thrown in. The band's vocal approach, like so many others, is mostly a throaty yell. Hey, if it's worked for so many others, why the hell not?

"Done Right Discount Flooring" has some fairly big melodies that weren't quite as prevalent in "Nothing," and it's clear that this band will be able to write big hooks when given ample time. The band cites Weezer as an influence, and the deliberately slow nature of "Five Year Plan" (coupled with a lonely bassline) is Exhibit A of that here. To a lesser extent, "Leather Jacket" accomplishes much the same, though given Joyce Manor's aesthetic it comes off as more of a gruff Saves the Day homage than anything else.

And though it might be difficult to appreciate given the demo's production, the drumming in "Chumped" is pretty impressive. Though, that could be said for Constant Headache as a whole; with a strong label behind them and what will undoubtedly be a higher-quality recording, these kids are bound to make some big waves very, very soon.