Whatever Brains - Nesting [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Whatever Brains

Nesting [7-inch] (2010)

Funny / Not Funny

The cover art to Whatever Brains' Nesting 7" is kaleidoscopic and just a little bit dizzying, so it's a pretty fair preview of what to expect on the songs within.

What you get here from the Raleigh, NC outfit is a fairly weird amalgamation of lo-fi punk, noise rock and garage-y elements resembling perhaps the mid-2000s Buddyhead-esque stuff, or a poppier Ultra Dolphins--either to a vague extent. Maybe with some SST, old Sub Pop and even '77 influences, too.

"Soft Dick City" provides an unnervingly melodic break between the more tantrum-like mode of opener "Love Taps" and the casually sneered, closing title track that finds their vocalist singing blitheringly over a lone guitar before the full band kicks in with its usual care-free slop of stomping, out-of-tune instruments and a layer of fuzz. It's sorta like a power-pop Pissed Jeans on that one.

Whatever Brains aren't providing the easiest of songs to describe, so that's merit in itself, perhaps. The tracks themselves are a bit musically misanthropic, but just affable enough anyway.

Love Taps