The Holy Mess - Benefit Sesh [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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The Holy Mess

Benefit Sesh [7-inch] (2010)

Evil Weevil / Weird Skull

Latterman, the Loved Ones and the Menzingers. Those are the three comparisons the Holy Mess warrant on their new seven-inch, Benefit Sesh, and if that doesn't get you stoked on their music, congrats, you're a dick. Get out of my face. This seven-inch's lone flaw is that it's only two songs long, which is a heck of a tease.

"Goodbye 3713 (Must've Been a Good One)" is an interesting song about drinking, with an infectious chorus about an alcoholic narrator who is pushing away all of his loved ones. Basically, it's a really good song about someone who is probably really bad at living. It's the better of the two tracks, although "A Soulful Punk Tune About a Working Class Dreamer" is still mighty fine.

Those who follow through on the vinyl's attached digital download coupon will receive a bonus track, "I Think Corduroy Is Making a Comeback," another catchy number to help tide listeners over until the Holy Mess gets their shit together and records a full-length.