Detached - None the Wiser (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


None the Wiser (2010)


It's a wonder if UK ska-punks Detached don't end up on Paper + Plastick. They already locked in Horsebites honcho Richard Minino for the artwork on this self-released EP, None the Wiser, and the brash band serves out a decidedly raspy, scrappy and brass-assisted pop-punk sound that should likely appeal to fans of Less Than Jake, We Are the Union and maybe even the Arrogant Sons of Bitches.

Detached show an ear for dynamics and the importance of changing things up with "F.U.B.", as guitarist Rhys Mence's spitting, exasperated voice gives way to some hard riffs and faster tempos. Plenty of upstrokes are integrated, as for "Teeth Rattlng Boneshaker," while energetic rambler "Lock Up" gets the band back into the quicker pace they seem just as adept at. The horns are always punchy, but they especially give closer "Rid of It" some pop and vigor.

Packaged with a tight recording, this is a definitively solid (if not admittedly generic) sophomore EP, and if Detached never end up in familiar arms, hopefully it's because they've staked out their very own scene.

Don't Bite the Crust (And Say the Pie Ain't Tasty)
Teeth Rattling Boneshaker
Lock Up