Supersleuth - Live at the Fireside Bowl (Cover Artwork)
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Live at the Fireside Bowl (2002)

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Recorded in late September 2001, this recording showcases a great chicago band at their peak ability. Sadly they've called it quits as of a week or so ago...but in case you missed them, this will stand as proof of what a great band they were live.

Though mostly the songs are drawn from their final [and best] studio recording "...and Still It Beats" [on Underestimated Records] the band offers a couple old classics as well as a couple newer songs.

They open with a new song called "Addison Still Dreams" which is by far one of their best. And before they break into the 3rd song "Scars of Rosewood" their singer, Jason, gives a brief speech on his thoughts of the terrorist attacks[this was recorded less then 2 weeks after 9/11/01]...he makes a few good points and comes off very 'non-preachy'.

All in all, the 12 tracks represented here do showcase a band at their prime in their favorite club, the (legendary?) Fireside Bowl in Chicago, IL.

To sum up their sound I'd say you'd have to cross Minor Threat, Chain of Strength & Boy Sets Fire...and tuned similarly to By the Grace of God [I hope that makes sense]. I wouldn't say this is a "necessary" album to own but I know there are a bunch of completists out there, I'm one of them, so if you're so inclined check this record out, their last one that I mentioned earlier in this review, as well as their first record, "31 Months."

I'd say the sound quality is probably a A- quality by anyone's standards and it will stand as their final release.